Podium start to British Youth Nationals


After a successful start to our outdoor motocross season at the inaugural British MX Nationals we were looking forward to carrying the momentum into the first round of the ACU's British Youth Nationals at FatCat Moto Park, Doncaster.


The sand based circuit always ends up being a tough track as it gets cut up throughout the weekend and again, that proved the case. With seven races for each youth class over the weekend it was always going to be a tough challenge but one we were all prepared for. Coming into the race Lewis Hall had been on fire, sweeping all of his races at the MX Nationals for an overall win and also winning regional races, and with FatCat being a track he knows well he was extremely confident and it showed. Throughout the entire weekend Lewis proved he was the quickest rider in the small wheeled class, regularly pulling through the field from outside the top 15 to the front but unfortunately for him and Team Green he couldn't quite put his KX85 on top of the podium this weekend. A couple of small crashes and one huge one cost him the overall win. He won two motos, but it could've, should've been five, maybe even more.


In the big wheeled 85cc class the racing was awesome. 2014 has such a stacked out class of good British talent and not forgetting Marcus Phelps from South Africa. With it being their first year in the big wheeled class we're under no illusion that both Dylan Woodcock and Jed Etchells are going to have to work extremely hard for every result, and so it proved. Dylan made it even harder for himself with poor starts for the best part of the weekend and although Jed was consistent (as he usually is) he found it hard to claw back time after taking a little too long to get settled into the race pace. Still it was looking good for both riders to be inside the top six overall and Dylan to get third overall, but in the last moto of the weekend his spark plug failed on the start line just before the 15 second board went up and that was that podium and race gone and no points. Jed did bring it home 6th overall, which was good all things considered.


Jeff Perrett - Team Manager


"I knew that the British Youth Nationals would be our toughest challenge coming into it. I've been telling the lads that and now they know for sure. There's strong competition, added to that fact it's all three of the lads first year in their respective classes and they're up against some racers with a little more experience in their class. That said, our aim is always to win and that will never change. If anything we're more motivated after this weekend. It wasn't a disaster by any stretch, but the results could've better. All three of them are riding well, but all three of them aren't really getting the starts they should and it's making it harder than it should be to race for wins. Lewis' nickname is 'Animal' and it's easy to see why. He was ripping all weekend and is an out and out racer, he goes for it all the time. Every moto he was outside the top 10 and he pulled through to the front. He was clearly the fastest rider in his class, no one can argue that when you look at the laps times but he just made a few small mistakes that turned out costly. When he crashes he just struggles so much to get back on the bike and restart it because of his height. When he puts his foot on the ground he then can't get kick the bike over properly. Virtually every other rider at the sharp end in his class crashed or made mistakes over the weekend, but Lewis' cost him more because he takes so long to get going again.


"Dylan and Jed's story is a little different. Jed is so consistent in his technique and lap times and he gets top 10 starts virtually every time but he then loses out on the first few laps. The others charge more aggressively and take a few risks. It's something Jed is aware of and we're working on it and to be fair he did start to show more aggression as the weekend went on. He knows what he's got to do and that's his main focus now, it's not in his nature like it is with Lewis and Dylan so it won't come so naturally but both he and I are confident we can get him attacking more, especially in the early part of the race. Dylan rode strong this weekend as was unlucky not to get on the podium. He got a second place in the penultimate moto and was really confident going into the last and with the track at it's roughest but his spark plug failed on the start line of the final moto so that was the podium out of the window. His fitness is good at the end of the race and he had to charge through from mid pack in most of them because of his poor starts. He needs to work on his technique, over the course of the weekend we worked on it and they improved every time, so we'll take that and practice and practice. He needs to be up there with them off the start so he can give himself a shot of winning races. He's already proved this year that he can win and beat the guys who were on the podium this weekend, so we all know he can do it, they know he can beat them and he knows he can beat them too. We'll take the positives out of this weekend, like the fact their speed was good and use that to motivate them to improve their weaknesses. It's a long season and we all know we're in a position to race for the win in both classes. If we wasn't then I'd be more concerned about the amount of work to be done.”


Dylan Woodcock #60 - Big Wheeled KX85


"I was so gutted about that last moto. I really felt confident about winning that one but I guess I'll have to wait until next weekend at the MX Nationals to get back to winning. I've got to sort my starts out, they're killing me. It's a tough class and I'm giving up too much time at the start of the races. We worked on my technique and they improved so now I need to polish them up, which I'll work on this week because I can get out and ride because I'm on school holidays. I'm already thinking about coming back here next week and winning races.”


Jed Etchells #7 - Big Wheeled KX85


"This weekend was okay. Sixth isn't too bad but I was hoping for a bit better. We've made more improvements with the bike and there's more to come so I'm happy with that but I just need to get into it a bit quicker and be more aggressive. I know I have to do that and it's not really my style but I have to find a way to do that. Jeff and I have spoken about it and I've talked about it with mum and dad too, so that's probably my main focus and where I need to improve. Now I'm fully over my injury from the Arenacross hopefully I'll be able to get in more of a rhythm with my training. We've got a good week this week doing the team video and photoshoot so that will be cool and we can then work on my aggression and speed at the start of the races too.”


Lewis Hall #9 - Small Wheeled KX85


"I'm a little bit disappointed I didn't win overall because I should've. I had a big crash in the final moto on Saturday but luckily I didn't get hurt. I felt good on Sunday about winning more races but I just toppled over in a couple of races and struggled to get going again. It was really rough so a lot of other riders were making mistakes too. Second is a good start to the championship but I should be leading. I'm still happy and confident though because I'm only a few points behind Rossi (Beard) and I proved I was the quickest rider on the track again. I'm really looking forward to coming back here next week to see if I can keep my win streak going in the MX Nationals and I'll also be racing with the big wheels. I like that because it's a real challenge to chase them.”